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If you need air conditioning installation in Albuquerque, Our team of qualified HVAC technicians are very experienced in installing, converting or replacing your home’s air conditioning systems.  Plus, our technicians can install, repair or replace any brand. When its time to replace your air conditioner we are here for you with free in-home estimates and many options when it comes to brands and types of ac systems. Whether you’re replacing an older air conditioner or converting from swamp cooler to ac, choose us for the best options that fit your budget and your comfort.

When To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning System

To repair or replace? That is the question, particularly when it comes to your air-conditioning system. Since newer systems are more energy efficient, it sometimes makes more sense to replace a system rather than spend money on costly repairs. Industry averages suggest an air conditioner should last 12 to 15 years, as long as you have a qualified technician perform regular preventative maintenance and service.

When a system is young, it may be cost-effective to make simple repairs that can prolong the life of the system. However, replacing a system may be the best solution for the bigger problems that can result from an older system. In either case, comparing the price of repairs to replacement fees may help you decide what to do.

Consider Energy Costs

As you make your comparison, consider energy costs. Today’s new air-conditioning systems are as much as 60 percent more efficient than systems manufactured 10 years ago. So if you are concerned about utility bills and are faced with an expensive repair, you may want to look at the energy savings a new system offers.

The nature of the repair is also important. Repairs that require the replacement of system components may result in a mismatched system. Components that do not match can decrease system efficiency, compromise your comfort and shorten the lifespan of the compressor.

Two-Stage Cooling

Speaking of comfort, if repairs to an immediate problem will not address ongoing comfort issues, such as cold spots in your home, drafts, humidity issues or air quality concerns, it may be a good time to consider a new system. Today’s systems offer a variety of new features, including two-stage cooling, humidifiers and ultraviolet lights, that are designed to increase comfort and improve indoor air quality.

As you make the decision to repair or replace, rely on the expertise of a qualified contractor, who is licensed to maintain and service your system. If replacing your system seems appropriate, he or she can explain the importance of efficiency and sound ratings, load calculations, comfort features and warranties, as you select a new system.

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